Betraying all the gods in the world, how have we conveniently ended up worshipping politicians? Are we precipitating political corruption?
Did you know worshiping celebrities is a syndrome now? In fact, ‘celebrity worship syndrome‘ is an obsessive addictive disorder, which in simpler terms means that […]
During the pandemic, we kept on blaming the system for our hardships. However, is it right for us to blame the government when we voted […]
Life Hack Series. Yes, I am confessing my shortcomings today, I am a lazy bum and I get horrifyingly jealous of the Facebook photographers. Not […]
Life Hack Series. We have never been isolated like this before, courtesy pandemic. All our friendships have gone long distance. But it is not just […]
Life Hacks Series. The earlier post on feeling lonely & isolated was about laughter and learning. Having fun is scientific, it is about increasing our […]
Life Hack Series. Let’s talk today about the magic of ‘living with yourself’. All you people feeling lonely and isolated living alone or even while […]
I have often wondered of the argument, is it right to waste or let’s say spend so much money on building temples? Cite: An intelligent […]
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