I always believe that we should do what we really really want to do for law of attraction manifestations. Not just in career or education, […]
Did you ever realize how important celebrations are in life? And how achievements will be pointless if we just live them alone. Imagine a life […]
Is self-love about taking revenge if someone wronged you? Is it about getting what you want, even if you steal it from someone else? Or […]
Meditation Series – Chapter 3: Vipassana While continuing my experiments with different forms of meditation, I came across Vipassana around 2015. I suddenly got an […]
Meditation Series – Chapter 2: Pranic Healing My next experience of Meditation was with ‘Pranic Healing’. After the break-up, my depression was getting worse day […]
Meditation Series: Chapter 1 ‘Art of Living’ I started my spiritual journey in 2009 when professionally and personally I was totally screwed up. I was […]
My take on it. I am reading the book and I am thinking – Is it seriously possible to have so many incidents in your […]
If you think Meditation is like a pill, when taken regularly can make one enlightened being, then God bless you. It is far from the […]
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