I have often wondered of the argument, is it right to waste or let’s say spend so much money on building temples? Cite: An intelligent article at BBC: Should religious buildings be sold to help the poor and feed the starving? Every religion has its own way of spending money on places of worship. Won’t it be better to construct a few homes for God, and then spend the rest on charity.

Let’s initiate the program Function.call.god() to call the God anytime, we want. But of course the condition is the lat-long. It can only be a temple.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in God. But still, I wonder about the expenses on a residential complex for God who dwells everywhere. Haven’t we learned that God is omnipresent? In air, water, and every atom. Then why are we being egoistical and restricting him to specific Lat-Longs. Isn’t this height of our arrogance?

Then One day, I had an epiphany. Some were arrogant to think that God is available only in temples and gives a visiting appointment to only the high and mighty. Many ancient kings were part of this foolish clique. But all our ancestors were not fools (of course statistically also, it is not possible 😃) One of the sensible reasons for the religious places and continuing ritual practices could be to keep alive faith. May be the sensible ones tried to fool the arrogant kings by tempting with special privileges, for the religious expansion. And luxury followed arrogance.

why are we calling God only in temples at specific Lat-Longs?

Faith is sung of in every religious book. It is what makes our lives livable. For every river of misery that we face, faith is the only boat that can get us through safely to the other bank. Every time, I face an obstacle it is my belief in God, that makes me stand there and face it. We don’t need to always believe in miracles, but the idea that there is someone up there wanting us to pass our tribulations, that’s enough. Faith has always been my best friend.

And even though God lives in every atom, it is unfortunate that we are reminded of him only through keywords. As if in our mental library we have indexed him in certain codes. When we visit a temple or read a mythological story, we bring out his file. Even the moralities of life are thus indexed. Seems like temples or rituals were the function prototype for calling God 😃

So yeah, if something can help every human on the planet, will it not be the best charity? After all, atleast once in life we have all asked for help, to face the ups and downs. And even though it is not my choice of charity, I am still grateful to those who let the faith live this long. But I guess it is time to curtail the spends. Preserving the old ones should be enough rather than constructing new ones.

I am a Life coach, blogger and a believer in God. Understanding him and the way the society interprets him has always fascinated me. I have often felt that our relationship with him, can heal many of our problems. Feel free to connect with me.

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