Depression has sadly become an epidemic on its own. Earlier, mental health concerns were swiped under the carpet, while fortunately today we have learned to […]
Binge watching – Is it cool? Yup, my crime is binge-watching. And I am, no, I was seriously addicted. First, Hollywood series and then Korean […]
Life Hacks Series. I feel disappointed whenever I hear the phrase ‘life is monotonous’. Many complain that the same things happen to them every single […]
Life Hack Series. Yes, I am confessing my shortcomings today, I am a lazy bum and I get horrifyingly jealous of the Facebook photographers. Not […]
Life Hack Series. We have never been isolated like this before, courtesy pandemic. All our friendships have gone long distance. But it is not just […]
Life Hacks Series. The earlier post on feeling lonely & isolated was about laughter and learning. Having fun is scientific, it is about increasing our […]
Life Hack Series. Let’s talk today about the magic of ‘living with yourself’. All you people feeling lonely and isolated living alone or even while […]
Is self-love about taking revenge if someone wronged you? Is it about getting what you want, even if you steal it from someone else? Or […]
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