Beware of Meditation gurus

If you think Meditation is like a pill, when taken regularly can make one enlightened being, then God bless you. It is far from the truth. Let’s take the instance of Hinduism, the most notorious villain of Hindu Mythology – Ravan. He was a great scholar and someone who meditated for years to please Shiva. In fact, there are many stories of Rakshasas (demons) meditating for years to achieve an evil gain. Even in the modern era, aren’t many so-called Gurus known for their exploitation tactics rather than their wisdom?

It is obvious Meditation is not the magical potion to convert yourself to goodness. My experience – it is a transformational tool but just that – a tool. And a tool is dependent on the user’s discretion. That is why we should not consider someone a saint just because they practiced Meditation regularly, or read religious books, and performed rituals.

The beauty of Meditation is it calms our mind, increases our concentration, and increases our mental capacity. But I may apply my newfound focus on finding ways to fool people, who knows. It does increase compassion and goodness and make people better humans. But for that to happen there needs to be the seed of goodness somewhere. If a person has been so wrapped up with his anger that he didn’t pay heed to his compassionate self. Meditation will resolve that. As it will get you a grip on your anger and let your inner beauty take over.

Many beautiful miracles sprout from the seed of Meditation when practiced progressively. But these are applicable only to those who have an inner compass pointing towards goodness. Thus, enjoy the supreme beauty of Meditation, but do not lock your common sense within.

I have always believed in the goodness in people and have met trustworthy people. But it helps when I don’t assume beforehand if someone is good or bad, I just let life and my intuition guide me. It hurts me to know when someone gets duped in the name of spirituality. A little common sense can go a long way with all kinds of people.

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