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cooking can be fun too
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The earlier post on feeling lonely & isolated was about laughter and learning. Having fun is scientific, it is about increasing our dopamine levels. This post is about increasing dopamine by being passionate and learning new things. Tricking our minds is a sure shot way to that elusive happiness.

Identify what you are passionate about.

Motivation levels are low and laziness levels at an all-time high? Identify things you are really passionate about or can get immediate gratification from. And once you do, even lockdowns will not slow youdown.

Let’s take cooking as an example. During the pandemic, we were craving for our favorite dishes but unable to order them. The luxury of restaurants was not available. Even the ingredients were not there. Wasn’t that the best time to search for new recipes and try them? Isn’t this often the case, craving for home-cooked food. I have always believed that no one can be a bad cook. Either follow the recipe fully or use ingredients intuitively (if you have a natural talent for it). If you focus on the food you are preparing instead of the mobile, it will surely be yummy. Just need to know a few tips and tricks. First-timers just need to start with lesser quantities and not too much experimenting with the ingredients (advice from a scapegoat, who had to eat too many cakes gone wrong 😒)

Now time for what is essential…

Cooking is done, what is now the other most essential thing? Many people do not realize this but the most satisfactory job in the world is cleaning. Absurd, but true. Try it out now, take a small area – even one rack in your wardrobe is sufficient, and then clean it fully. It will automatically enhance your mood. Seems Unbelievable? But I can bet on its impact.

Just don’t overdo it. Your pains should not be more than your gains. Basic maths, right? Just try it with your favorite music on and see the difference. Make sure you start with a small goal. I assure you, you will love it.

Cleaning when becomes a daily routine seems obnoxious, but once a week chores always help. For the daily routine jobs let’s discuss some other time. For now… enjoy finding your passions.

Hi, I am a life coach and I believe in simple tips to life’s many problems. Finding your passion is the magic mantra for every trouble. Don’t believe it? Try and let me know. I am passionate about working out small changes to manifest bigger miracles and share the same through coaching or blogging. Feel free to connect with me.

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