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Let’s talk today about the magic of ‘living with yourself’. All you people feeling lonely and isolated living alone or even while living with people around, I assure you it can be a super fun time. All you need is just to change your perspective. I have never understood how people get bored living alone, may be they haven’t yet learned the art of living alone.

During the lockdown, it was a very common rant of my friends. I am getting bored with this lockdown, what should I do? Hmmm, let’s see what are the magical options available.

Wow, I am rewatching the friends’ episodes. Every time I watch it, I laugh at the same pitch, at the same jokes. All the episodes are still as funny as the first time. Yes, you know the story. Yes, you know the jokes. But still the build-up delivers beautifully.

For many, it is not easy to laugh alone. But why do you need someone else to laugh with? You found something funny and you laugh, isn’t that a very logical thing to do? You should immediately get out of that self-restricting mindset of when and how to laugh. This one small change will lead to the epiphany – life is fun every moment. It is not about ‘Friends’ anymore.

Still lonely & isolated? Let’s move ahead.

I want to learn astrology but I have reached a roadblock, so for an hour everyday I watch any astrology related youtube video. Well, I may not be learning anything exactly but it is all getting into my mind. And when I sleep the junk in my mind is sorting itself out. This is another scientifically proven way of learning. I may still not be learning a lot as I am not being diligent and studying it systematically. Instead I am grasping a lot and letting myself immerse into the topic. Every few days there automatically comes a time when for an hour or so, I learn in a proper manner by writing it down and practicing it.

If you really like to learn something it is better to listen to the topic continuously. There comes a moment always when your procrastination and laziness give up. Saying from experience….It is not about astrology anymore.

I am not asking you to watch Friends or learn astrology. I am instead suggesting you watch something that makes you laugh every day and find a way to learn your favorite topic even if you are a lazy bum.

Try it and let me know at what phase of fun you are now. Part 2 of this series includes some more pointers for having fun.

I believe in simple tips to life’s many problems. Having fun is just about changing one’s perspective, and it has nothing to be with being alone. I know this because I am a Life Coach and have witnessed it many times. As a Life Coach and a Blogger, I am passionate about working out small changes to manifest bigger miracles and share the same with others. Feel free to connect with me.

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