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I feel disappointed whenever I hear the phrase ‘life is monotonous’. Many complain that the same things happen to them every single day, even the frustrations and irritations are the same. The sad part is, even a fulfilled life can be poisoned by monotony.

Do you realise what you are missing?

It is not money, not power, but a passion. No, I don’t mean here the passion you felt for your first crush. Passion for life when every atom in your body feels alive. When you just feel blessed to be a human. Yes, the same feeling which has become elusive to our generation due to the mundane office-home-office lifestyle.

I unknowingly hit the jackpot, when I discovered my passions. I realized I feel passionate when I write for people, I feel passionate whenever I help someone live their life to the fullest. Fixing problems, finding out solutions, are my passions. I feel passionate when I’m immersed in a masterpiece of a book, movie, or series. Stories spellbound me. I now comprehend that magic is about becoming part of something beautiful, like a perfectly crafted movie. To explain in spiritual terms, all things have energy, when we watch something beautiful we become part of that beautiful energy, it starts flowing through us.

But books, movies, and series cannot sustain this kind of energy for long. The numerous options available online, make this rich energy scatter fast. Hence this also causes monotony after a time.

The best solution out there is to ignite a spark within. When you are on fire the whole world seems exciting. You wake up in the morning ecstatic. The whole day there is a bounce in your step, and a satisfied smile while sleeping.

Wow, how to ignite this spark?

Find something you really like to do, an activity that is meditative for you. It can be cooking, painting, strumming guitar, dancing, sometimes it is not even performing. Even appreciation of art can feel passionate, just like watching a movie. Just go a layer deep, learn the art to appreciate it. I always used to wonder, don’t people find paintings in museums boring? Surprisingly, it seems otherwise. To those who know the art, it lits them from within. When a connoisseur looks at a painting it is about the brush strokes, the color mixing, how a hue establishes a point. How sunset in different shades has a different meaning envisioned by the artist.

It is never a painting of a sunset, it is the story of a sunset. Those who know the rudiments of painting, feel the thrill in knowing how the artist layered his colors, how darkness represented light, the art and science of it are exhilarating.

It need not be painting for everyone. How when you start cooking as a hobby, you start noticing the chemistry between ingredients everytime you eat. It becomes a round-table conference on the deliciousness of the dish. Scientists never feel monotonous, for them, mathematics, physics… is their passion. Their perspective towards everyday things is different.

And that is what passion does to you, it changes your perspective. Life is already beautiful, you just need to experience it with the right perspective.

Masters in Literature is not required to appreciate great books. Just an hour a day is enough to learn the craft. Try taking this one step and see the big difference it brings. And if you’re a couple, try finding a common passion.

Find your passion, and live a beautiful life from today itself.

What passion are you planning to explore? Sometimes sharing also ignites the passion, so feel free to share in the comment section.

Hi, I am a Life Coach and Blogger. I feel passionate about my work and like sharing it with others. Life is too beautiful, to let it get boring, so enjoy and live it well. Feel free to join my community on social media to be a part of this journey towards self-empowerment and growth.

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