Lessons from nature series.

Have you ever thought, how life is like a river flowing to the ocean, trying to be part of something bigger than itself? Always flowing from one day to the next, trying to chart out a path. There are times when the intensity is so high that you flood others and yourself. And times, when you manage a lot, tottering at a slow pace like a steady current. Do you realize, not only does our life resembles a river, but also we can learn a lot from it?

How a river’s life progression is like our own.

The origin is always humble, and then it builds up on energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Initially, due to the fast learning, there are lots of rapids and shallows (forms of the river when it is turbulent or shallow). Then, with the waterfalls cascading and dribbling around, comes the beauty of youth. Flowing further, it transforms to a strong current with steady progression. Water is no more gushing or outpouring like an eager youth. Don’t get deceived by this form of the river, outwardly calm and contained, but mightier than an invading army.

Ultimately, it’s time to move into the ocean. Every river has a unique identity, but once they merge into the ocean, they assume one single identity.

We all chart this path, some reach maturity and some are not even able to go ahead of the rapids and shallows. Not every water body is capable of becoming a mighty river, yet not every river needs to be mighty. 

There is a lot we can learn from a life-giving, powerful, and ever-flowing river. Some of these lessons are critical to our existence.

  1. Many are born a river, but some do not have the background (a big source of water). Is the lack of background important, or what you gain during your journey can be sufficient?
  2. Rivers that continue for longer duration are those which are mightier. The more depth there is, the more mighty a river is. Doesn’t depth of knowledge and maturity leads one to mightiness?
  3. A river does not flow to serve others, it is just its nature to flow and by being true to its nature, it is serving the whole ecosystem. Is it a lesson that we do not need to serve especially? If we are true to our nature as a human being, won’t we will automatically serve humanity?

What do you think, let me know in the comments section?

I am a Life Coach & Blogger, and I believe that every single creation of God has a life lesson for us. To explore more of these lessons, be connected, through my blog and Social Media.

3 Responses

  1. It is really a unique and effective way to comparising ourselves with a river. I personally found the last point is remarkable

  2. Beautifully written! Loved the way you compared life stages with river. So enlightening. Looking forward to more beautiful blogs from you

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