Did you ever realize how important celebrations are in life? And how achievements will be pointless if we just live them alone. Imagine a life without the fun and frolic of festivals, how depressing it would be.

I often feel, with loved ones celebrating our achievements victory takes a new meaning. Conversely, may be celebrations have a life of their own and we are mere spectators of this dance of life.

Have you noticed our feelings come alive with the tokens and rituals of these festivals? Even at this age, I feel joyful after blowing the birthday candle. As a result of nostalgia for the glorious childhood days.

Since ancient times multiple reasons have been propounded for celebrations. May it be, the repeated birthday celebrations or the customary celebrations of nature, like the first harvest or rains. Every story related to mythology or religion calls for a celebration. It makes me wonder, is it possible that all these reasons are mere excuses? And, if there is a deeper meaning behind the systematic propagation of festivals over the ages.

Have you noticed, even a few minutes together with loved ones lift our gloomy mood? Actually, it can be explained better in terms of energy – when many people spend happy moments together, the energy grows exponentially.

Anyone into a monotonous job will tell you, how dreary life can be without kids’ smiles or buck-ups from friends. On the other hand, life without festivals can be dreary and depressing. Without festivals, the journey from birth to death will be melancholic. And death will be a welcome change. Maybe then, doctors will exist only to treat depression and not diseases.

Isn’t it time to appreciate the boon of celebrations? To be thankful to our ancestors for devising so many ways to celebrate the trivialities.

Are you now feeling like calling your friends to schedule a celebration over a fictitious excuse? 😉 Do it. Your heart will thank you.

Hi, I am a life coach and blogger. And spreading positivity is my life goal. Feel free to connect with me.

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