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Long distance cities
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We have never been isolated like this before, courtesy pandemic. All our friendships have gone long distance. But it is not just pandemic, we have always been leaving behind our close friends, be it school, college, or an old job. Continuing with the same set of friends throughout life has always been tough. Social Media has definitely been a miracle in finding long-lost friends. But have you ever felt, like me, that the relationships have not remained the same? There is something lacking, it is no more as free and easy as before, feels a bit forceful.

We all have friends, now distant, may be over neighborhoods, cities, or even countries. And we all know how assured and protected a group of friends can make us feel. Needed now much more than ever before, I decided to not let the distances stop me.

My friends are over different time zones and we try hard to manage through Whatsapp groups. But for some reason, I feel a strange disconnect with forwarded messages. Whatsapp is ok for a group of not-so-close friends when you need to share not-so-personal messages. For personal thoughts it seems too trivial to type and send, this is how we end up being friends over unrelated stuff. For bonding we need heartfelt discussions, a passionate argument on a match lost or a cribbing contest over bad bosses. When we are closer, it all flows naturally without any extra effort. This flow of feelings is exactly how a bunch of people come together and become friends in the first place. I decided to modify this same technique to suit our group chats by experimenting with common passions, like in this instance – music.

I and my friends have started sharing songs. It is a great way to continue bonding. We share only songs that we like or suddenly remember, sometimes 2 or 3 a day. Many of them are nostalgic and this makes us share a piece of our mind. It is like sharing your cached memories. Many a time after listening to a song we even start some random discussion. Being in touch, no more feels forceful. As music is a part of our daily life, many old song-linked instances keep swarming in my mind and it feels good to share and reminisce together.

I won’t suggest this idea with large groups as then there will be too many songs and noone will be able to watch and comment on all. Even for small groups of 3 or 4, first couple of days there will be too many songs. But over the week it will trickle down to just the right number for our busy schedule. Try it yourself and see… if not music then sports talk, or books or daily episodes. Just like a forum, but little more involved, with little more feelings. The trick is to leave it trickling always.

Hi, I am a life coach and I believe in simple tips to life’s many problems. Relationships can be cherished with these simple tips, not much is needed. I am passionate about working out small changes to manifest bigger miracles and share the same through coaching or blogging. Feel free to connect with me.

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