“I have made so many wrong decisions in the past.”

I have heard this non-stop cribbing so many times. And I have just one thing to say. We get opportunities to make choices throughout our life. What if we made some bad ones, why can’t the next ones be better? Aren’t we learning from our bad choices? There is never a permanent choice, even if it is a bad marriage, bankruptcy, irreparable body damage. All our bad choices just lead us to a different path. Life is always delivering us gifts that we may choose to open or not. Let’s learn from those who have overcome their obstacles and became an inspiration for others, like Stephen Hawking, Nick Vujicic, Malala Yousafzai…

Even if you are not an inspiration to the world, at least you can be proud of yourself in the mirror if you lead your life by making the right choices. Learn from the past and just make a bit better choice in present. Unless you are dead, life is giving you opportunities to make better choices every moment.

Have you seen anyone in the world without regret? There are only those who allot lifetimes thinking about them or those who allot a few months in life and then move ahead. And sometimes crying over bad decisions lead us to worse, as our focus is only on problems and not on solutions.

I have too many regrets over my bad decisions, so I have decided to spend a few mins every year thinking about them. After all, life is too funny, interesting, ever-changing to spend any more time on regrets.

Whenever something bad happens in life, I just try to tie it all and restrict it to that one bad chapter. Its spillover cannot be stopped but reduced over the next chapters of life.


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