Nature has a way of captivating us, inspiring us, and teaching us important lessons about life. From the beauty of a sunset to the awe-inspiring power of a thunderstorm, nature offers endless opportunities for us to learn and grow. In this article, we’ll explore some of the surprising and powerful life lessons that nature teaches us every day, every minute. But are we listening? Irrespective of whether we learn or not, nature is ready to teach.

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Nature Teaches with the Grandeur of Mountains

Let’s ask the fascinating mountains to uncover the life-changing powerful lessons from the Great Outdoors

Nature Teaches powerful and surprising Lessons through a Mountain

We can learn a lot from nature. In this Life series, let’s now discover what powerful lessons nature teaches through the towering mountains. Himalayas are especially my favorite…. Those continual unyielding mountains speak a story of their own. with their own powerful life lessons.

Standing in front of a mountain, I often feel the pull of its majestic self, as if royalty is standing in front of me. It never bends, but its presence itself causes us to fall on our knees. I bow to thee…the majestic mountain.

Every mountain has a mesmerising story of its own. Every mountain has inspired many to chart their own course.

They have been standing there, watching civilizations originating and perishing. A silent spectator of every humane and inhumane incident. Will they tell you that story?

Do you know that maximum fossils are available in the mountains or seabeds? They absorb everything that comes to them and preserve them for eternity.

What does a mountain really teach us?

  • Stand tall, gracefully, with all that comes and goes. A happy moment and a sad one, both can lose their obsessive grip when touched with grace.
  • Face all the storms and obstacles unflinchingly. There is no shield stronger than the inner strength., when your personality is like that of a mountain.
  • Be true to your nature irrespective of changing seasons, falling snow, or even forest fires. Every season, every obstacle adds something. None of the changing things have a power to take it away from you, when you are a mountain.

And the most important lesson of life for any human is…

Looking at the mighty Himalayas you will realise that at the summit of highest spiritual attainment when you are closest to god, you are also isolated from the whole world. Have you ever noticed the tallest mountains are barren of all flora and fauna? When you are one with God, nothing else exists. And this is the exact point where a mountain or a human becomes an inspiration for civilizations.

To know more about the Himalayas, read Majestic Himalayas: Rooftop Of The World

Nature Teaches with the Loveliness of the beautiful Lotus

Nature Teaches Powerful and Surprising Lessons with a Lotus

I purify, absorb murk,

transmute and alchemize.

I take in what is ugly.

Yet radiate absolute beauty.

These few lines summarise the existence of the beautiful lotus so well. Let’s consider this plant as our guide in living our life, facing the struggles, in this Nature Teaches series.

I have never understood why we expect perfect childhood for our growth. Just like a lotus, it is our ability to transmute our hardships that count when achieving greatness. Do we realize, it is our choice? We can either keep rotting in the dark within or succeed by turning to light. Let’s learn from lotus, a sacred symbol, that blossom in muddy water yet is a symbol of purity.

But that is not all about this beautiful offering to the divine. All the parts of this plant are edible – the flowers, seeds, stems, leaves, and stamens. Is that a symbol of being close to divine, being useful to the core?

These magical flowers grow in stagnant water and can preserve their seeds from floods. Lotus stem can drop thousands of seeds to the bottom of the pond, which can survive in the silt during floods as well. They are always ready for the next lotus colony, even a flood cannot wipe them out of existence. What resilience!

Doesn’t that tell us that there is always a trick to preserve oneself when flooded with adversity? The magic is in discovering that trick. Lotus is not mystically successful because of its pretty pink color, but because of the science of its existence. And here goes, another surprisingly secret lesson Nature Teaches ardently.

Nature Teaches through the Melodious Cuckoo’s song

Nature Teaches Powerful and Surprising Lessons with a Lotus with a Cuckoo's song
Lessons from a Cuckoo

Hi, I am a Life Coach and blogger, and I love to listen when nature teaches. I believe we can reach the summit if we learn from the nurturing nature. Mirroring nature can be a solution to all our problems. So let’s embark on this learning journey. Join my community on social media to be a part of this journey towards self-empowerment and growth.

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