Is self-love about taking revenge if someone wronged you? Is it about getting what you want, even if you steal it from someone else? Or is it about going around with multiple partners because of your confusion about whom you want to fall in love with or if you like them all?

The concept of self-love is very complicated if you think this way, but very easy if you grasp it right, at its core level. Self-love is all about loving yourself, valuing yourself, but not at the cost of something.

Now let’s answer each question one by one. If I love myself why will I assign guilt or any other disgusting thoughts to myself? Why will I do something which will lower my self-esteem? Instead, I would do only things that will make me feel proud of myself, and help me in the long run.

Fighting against domestic violence, or physical abuse is self-love, that much should be easy to understand. When one of the decisions is causing lots of pain, then avoiding it, right? Avoiding addictions or body damage, in other words, self-afflicted pain. It is also about not taking a decision causing short-term happiness and long-term pain. This all is self-evident.

Ruining someone or taking revenge is against self-love, cause you are letting something negative affect you and eat your soul. A person not into stable love is going against their soul’s basic yearning for completeness and totality. Cheating on your partner is trading sex for love, it is like exchanging minutes of happiness for a joyful life. Just because you love yourself, if you keep changing partners at the first sign of disappointment, how will you experience the beauty of soulful love. True love develops only when one conquers the hardships together, when will you know this then.

Self-love is not about being selfish, as selfishness is all about short-term gratification. A person who grows into a self-loving person has the most nourished soul. They have a happy life, no matter what cards life deals them with.

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