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This is not a blog on Law of Attraction manifestations, instead, it is on the delicious side effects of LoA. Just wonderful, the way my life has changed.

Similar to the other LoA followers, “The Secret” introduced me to LoA. And since then, I am hooked. I may not be consistent with my manifestations, and I am definitely not over the clouds all the time. As is the culture around, I tend to forget gratitude and crib at times. And that’s how I sometimes manifest a mixed bag of events. In spite of it all, I have manifested many beautiful things in life, but this blog is not about that.

This blog is about how LoA has perpetually changed my life. My outlook towards life has completely shifted. I no more look at things as permanent, especially when something bad happens. Any plight, fight or predicament – changes. So whenever something not so happening happens, I stay positive and wait for a few days. After all, the more positive I am, the more the situation transforms itself. No more bad bosses, bad colleagues, or bad companies. I no more care about what people say or think cause they will obviously change their opinion about me. I only focus on what I want and the rest happens on its own. And all these are not my manifestations, just how life is nowadays.

I have become an optimist. I now understand how every cloud has a silver lining. Doesn’t everything turn out great in the course of time?

Unlike before, life is easier now. Every time I take a decision I leave the ending to God, with a prayer that whatever happens is for my best. It’s not that I no more make mistakes, but I do not suffer them that much. In fact, I now make much more strong decisions than before.

I trust my intuition more, I meditate more, and I laugh more. A lot of things may still not be happening in my life, but overall, I am a happy person. My present is much more beautiful than my past. And the future, which exists only in my mind is a beautiful dream and not a nightmare anymore.

I guess, this will be a cheat sheet if I do not mention the negative side effects. I have majorly observed these side-effects during earlier stages. Some people become overconfident and take rash decisions. Wait! take a pause! cause it will stabilize within a few months. Better to not take any drastic decisions in the earlier practices. Let intuition develop first. After intuition develops, decisions will no more be rash they will just be risky (worth taking).

Some people expect life to be hunky-dory all the time with LoA. Well, this is not how life is designed. LoA is there, to not unnecessarily invite trouble. Instead, when there are ups and downs, let the ups go higher and the lows not as low as before. And LoA is not to make you delusional, but to make your reality rosier. Nothing wrong to expect the actualization of impossible dreams, they do happen. But there is a difference between dreaming of flying and jumping from a building. If you dream to fly, LoA will give you multiple opportunities to do so. The way Wright brothers got them. Instead, if you decide to jump without understanding Life & LoA, then it will be invited trouble.

Truth be told, even if LoA does not work, it still can make life beautiful. With the right attitude, driving on curvy roads is enchanting, A roller coaster ride is fun. And rains means rainbows.

Staying true to the topic, I haven’t mentioned the beauty of manifestations which is like the icing on the cake 😉

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Hi, I am a Life coach and blogger, and Law of attraction is my favorite tool. It does wonders to our lives. And you will be thankful for the opening of this magical doorway. Keep reading my blog for more on the topic. Feel free to connect with me.

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