I always believe that we should do what we really really want to do for law of attraction manifestations. Not just in career or education, but also with time pass. Yeah, it sounds funny but let me elucidate.

Talking to people is a time pass. But I make sure I spend every single minute talking to my loved ones, if not – then pleasant people, those who make me feel good after a talk. If not, then talking about a topic I like, or I wanna learn about or I feel good talking about.

I always talk more with people who give me a positive feeling, than those who make me feel miserable. Life is full of uncontrollable situations, but we can always control the percentage of moments in a day. If situations, with a bad client, sadistic boss, or deprecating partner, are not in your control then make sure every moment that you can control is spent doing your favorite thing.

I still remember how my favorite funny song broke my spiraling thoughts after a toxic meeting. Or how a walk in the rain was a balm after a sad day at work. The laughter jibes with my best friend, after a quarrel with an ex. is the best revenge to the hard life.

The maths of it is, just increase your share of beautiful moments each day and there will come a day when everyone will be envious of your blotch-free life.

For science students – once the threshold value reaches, the positive thoughts go exponential. Till threshold value, you have to try it on your own and then the universe makes it explode.

Law of attraction works on your energy levels, your happiness levels. Once you learn to add bursts of joyful and exhilarating moments to your day, the balance gets automatically adjusted. Funtime with your pet, playtime with your kid, frolic with your spouse, they all lead to manifestations of your dreams. So next time you are having a bad day, remind yourself to turn it around.

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Hi, I am a Life coach and blogger and I believe that small tricks turn your life 180°. Keep reading my blog for such simple solutions. Feel free to connect with me.


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