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Your Coach for Personal and Professional Growth

Hi, I’m Shailaja Shankar, a Career Development & Life Coach. With 15+ years in corporate roles and specialized training in conflict resolution, mindfulness, stress management, NLP, and psychology, I help you realize and express your full potential. My mission is to guide you in identifying your unique strengths, overcoming challenges, and expressing your full potential.

About Life Coaching

Discover growth and transformation With Life Coaching

Life coaching is a professional partnership that helps you maximize your potential and achieve your goals. As a life coach, I use psychological techniques and personalized strategies to uncover your hidden potential and guide you towards success, and a happy YOU.

A few more things to know about me…

Dedicated to Helping Stressed Professionals Become Peaceful Warriors |Master Workplace Challenges, Office Politics, & Relationship Dynamics | Express Your Unique Potential

My Approach

I understand the challenges of high-stress corporate roles from my 15 years of experience. My coaching combines practical strategies for conflict resolution, career planning, and mindfulness to help you succeed and feel fulfilled.

My Qualifications

With over 15 years in demanding corporate environments and certifications in Innermost Shift and NLP, I offer a comprehensive approach to workplace challenges. My specialized training in conflict resolution, mindfulness, and stress management ensures effective coaching solutions.

My Philosophy

My philosophy intertwines resilience, strategic thinking, and spiritual principles, guiding clients towards both professional success and personal fulfillment. By going inwards, you can let your potential shine through.

My Offerings

I offer personalized one-on-one coaching with three-tier packages to help you achieve your goals. These packages focus on unlocking your unique strengths and potential.

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2 Responses

  1. krish says:

    I was struggling. Trying to run the corporate world race without understanding the implications & value of life. Problems were continually popping up, be it personal or professional.
    Came to know about Ms Shailaja and had a casual chat for 45 minutes. We discussed both personal and professional life. And then had a fee weekly sessions. She gave some very simple exercises which I can do anywhere and anytime.

    Almost 4 weeks later now, I can see a lot of difference in myself. During the course, realized many thoughts or stress points are temporary in nature and can be handled calmly. Definitely, I know this, but having a guide helps to think out of box solutions and resolve the same in a better manner. Shailaja definitely brought a change in my life, especially the way I used to look about life.

  2. archsingh says:


    I started taking life coaching sessions from Shailaja in the middle of the pandemic when I was juggling between several responsibilities of motherhood, full-time job and a new venture and was very overwhelmed and agitated. But Shailaja’s sessions helped me have some very important self-realizations and helped me get grounded. Her techniques are very simple and effective, hence very easy to implement for any busy person. She helped me set my priorities straight, clear my head and focus on the important tasks. Her methods help me with the daily tasks and long term goals as well. Her listening skills and passion for her profession makes all the difference. I can highly recommend her to anyone struggling with career related anxieties or any other decision making stress.

    – Archana

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