What do you mean by Life Coaching?

Hi, I am Shail, am a Life Coach. Let’s now answer the questions that got you here.

Well, the definition goes on like this – A life coach is a professional who helps you to maximize your full potential and achieve desired results. Hmm, sounds as simple as it is complicated. And it doesn’t exactly make you understand, right?

I am sure there are many questions in your mind. Like how the heck would you know what my potential is, and why should I end up going to a life coach for anything?

So, let’s come to the truth now. A life coach doesn’t magically guess your desires and potential. I do not know any magic or ask a crystal ball. I’ll ask you. Some simple psychological techniques and the right interviewing methods help in uncovering the hidden potential and desires. As a spiritual person, I believe there are only those hurdles that we can face successfully.

Now you will say, Shail, that’s fine, but why would I need you if I can myself face it.

Why do you need a Life Coach?

Golden question and I totally agree with you. You may not need me, there are times in life when we can handle situations ourselves and there are times when we need guidance. The best solution is to handle it on your own with the help of friends and family. But I am here if at all you need help and the other solution is not working out for you.

The way, you needed a teacher to learn 2+2=4, which your mom could have easily taught you. The way, an Olympic swimmer needs a coach, even if he is born with the talent. In the same way, a mentor to help overcome the hurdles of life is an idea for you to consider.

A life coach helps you with realistic goal setting, and achievements.

Now the most important question, why me?

It can be me or it can be someone else. I can just give you information about me, it is for you to decide.

I have chosen Life coaching as a profession and consider it my job responsibility to help you on your path. There were many times in my past when I felt I had enough talent, but I lacked someone sitting with me and explaining what I am doing wrong and what I can do differently. I have learned it the hard way, which I hope others may easily benefit from.

I have 15+ years of corporate experience where I have seen both my seniors and juniors suffering simply because they didn’t know the basic tricks of life.

Do you know the easiest way for a person to face a challenge is to know his/her strengths and weaknesses? But people either can’t identify them or do not know how to use them. Sometimes even changing a perspective, shifts the whole situation in our favor. But we suffer miserably in our lives, without realizing there is a way out.

Do you know our mind follows a step-by-step process to overcome grief? Again, people do not realize this and fight at the first step itself. The 1st step is living through the grief while fighting is the last step.

My Corporate experience of 12+ years, my education (Engineering, MBA and now Masters in Psychology), my continual involvement with various psychological and spiritual techniques, my immense passion to make sure people realize their life’s potential, and most importantly – my own life experience of the cool ups and cooler downs; all these have got me to this stage of life coaching.

The tools that I would be using are Life coaching tools, CBT & NLP tools, Law of attraction, and other holistic tools depending upon the situation.

How to book a session?

Book your session by clicking on the ‘book a session now’ link below. If the time does not suit you, or you have any other concerns, you can send me a message via the ‘Contact me’ page at the top. The first session is enough for general guidance, while more sessions are required for structured coaching. I am currently offering 1st session, also known as discover session for free.

What if you do not want to opt for sessions?

If you decide to not pursue a life coach, there is still my blog where I keep posting free content which can be helpful to you. Also, there are many self-help books available online.

Whichever way you take, I hope you reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.

P.S. Please note even though I have studied psychology, I am not a mental health professional. I am not licensed to treat any mental disorders, clinical depression, anxiety, obsessions, or addictions, . Hence please refer to the mental health practitioners in your area for the same.

2 Responses

  1. krish says:

    I was struggling. Trying to run the corporate world race without understanding the implications & value of life. Problems were continually popping up, be it personal or professional.
    Came to know about Ms Shailaja and had a casual chat for 45 minutes. We discussed both personal and professional life. And then had a fee weekly sessions. She gave some very simple exercises which I can do anywhere and anytime.

    Almost 4 weeks later now, I can see a lot of difference in myself. During the course, realized many thoughts or stress points are temporary in nature and can be handled calmly. Definitely, I know this, but having a guide helps to think out of box solutions and resolve the same in a better manner. Shailaja definitely brought a change in my life, especially the way I used to look about life.

  2. archsingh says:


    I started taking life coaching sessions from Shailaja in the middle of the pandemic when I was juggling between several responsibilities of motherhood, full-time job and a new venture and was very overwhelmed and agitated. But Shailaja’s sessions helped me have some very important self-realizations and helped me get grounded. Her techniques are very simple and effective, hence very easy to implement for any busy person. She helped me set my priorities straight, clear my head and focus on the important tasks. Her methods help me with the daily tasks and long term goals as well. Her listening skills and passion for her profession makes all the difference. I can highly recommend her to anyone struggling with career related anxieties or any other decision making stress.

    – Archana

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