Did you know worshiping celebrities is a syndrome now? In fact, ‘celebrity worship syndrome‘ is an obsessive addictive disorder, which in simpler terms means that an unknown stranger is controlling our minds. When put in the exact words, it is creepy, no?

I don’t understand how people can be fans. Fans of celebrities, religious speakers, industrialists, rich people, politicians. Celebrities? Their lives are tailor-made images painstakingly stitched by influential PR agencies. Politicians? How can someone be a fan of a politician, when their whole life is a web of lies. Their expertise is a stratagem. Let’s be fair, strategy is never about justice, it is about how to get what you want. And rich people, what are you a fan of? Money? Their money? It is not even yours. You are just a fan of how much they spend, what is the price of their costliest pair of shoes? I mean, in what frame of mind does this all make sense?

We have built a society where an entertainer gets billions, and farmers not even hundreds. A society where a politician is expected to do nothing, while the common man toils for hours to get a one-time meal. How did we end up with this topsy-turvy society of worshiping celebrities?

How did we end up in a society where fashion is more important than food? Where food is not consumed as per the needs of our body, but instead as per the fad.

Yes, Economics can surely explain the demand and supply of celebrities, but can Logic explain it? Everything is upside down. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against you liking people or learning from them. But what can make you follow someone? Does it even make sense, that our top priority is entertainment instead of basic necessities and survival needs?

Am I the only person who thinks water is flowing from the bottom to the top in this world of ours? Can we undo all this by taking one step at a time? For today, let us just appreciate and not follow. Our few small steps, will let the water flow from top to bottom, after all it is the natural way of things, no?

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