There is so much divide and rule policy going on in the name of religion, about whom to worship. Yet, despite all that, betraying all the gods in the world, how have we conveniently ended up worshipping politicians? Are we precipitating political corruption? Time to ring the alarm bells?

Isn’t the political leader today the same guy who did not know how to respond to the tragedy of a pandemic? The same guy who thought what he did was sufficient, the best he could. Instead of asking him to be accountable for his actions towards the dying millions, we decided to praise him unconditionally for the growing mess. Every leader from every country has failed. No matter how small or big their failure is. Are we waiting for akashvani (message from the sky) to realize this?

Why do we end up worshipping politicians? Is it their larger-than-life presence, like our omnipresent gods? Or is it, our idea of God is so small and limited that anybody can be a god now? A celebrity, a politician, a religious person – anyone who hovers above us and seems larger than life through television, social media, or podiums, is a god now.

Wasn’t the concept of elections meant as a deal where we are supposed to end up gaining something? Like, we vote and they increase employment. Maybe it will work when we expect our leader to be more humane than godly. Then we will not only set the correct but also deliverable expectations. Why not accept them for who they are? Then their whole life will be spent delivering results instead of maintaining a worshipable image.

Let us use our minds instead of hearts to vote. Then the leaders will also focus on work and not just emotional speeches. They need to understand humiliating opponents is not the measure of a leader, growth and development are. And we need to understand we cannot idolize a person to end up whitewashing his mistakes.

It is time to be more responsible in selecting leaders. Time to vote for a good job on regulation, maintaining peace and order, and prevailing fundamental human not religious rights. Time to criticize and ask for change if needed. Let us appreciate their right decisions and powerful speeches, and not blindly agree with everything they do. But isn’t all this a natural progression if we just utilize our God-given minds.

Tags: It is you who voted!, Celebrity Worship Syndrome

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