During the pandemic, we kept on blaming the system for our hardships. However, is it right for us to blame the government when we voted for them irresponsibly? We expect a lot from our politicians, and the least of it all is taking the blame when things do not work. In all honesty, is our responsibility shifting appropriate? Indeed the government has to build a strong infrastructure, serve the citizens, blah blah blah. To start with, who elected the government? We deny acting on our responsibility, yet we are ever-ready to play the blame game.

You Voted.

You voted him for his fiery speeches, now expect him to put out the fire.

You voted him for his marketing skills, now expect him to excel in operations.

You voted him his flair for drama, now expect him to minimize the tragedy.

You voted for an actor, leaving out the director. How the hell will the movie be made?

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai!!! (there is a limit to hypocrisy!!!)

I often wonder,

Is it the politician’s fault for playing politics, or the voter for playing a fool?

I am in no way trying to take the blame away from the government for its failure. Instead, I am trying to shine the light on our illogical fallacy, that we may choose an inept candidate but he needs to execute adeptly. Once we realize our mistake and take a step towards correcting it, won’t we fall on the right track? We can take some corrective measures in reviewing the right candidate, showing our support for the right decisions, withdrawing the same when things go wrong. If we as a society stand tall in both supporting and contradicting at the right times, we will surely fulfill the dictakts of a strong democracy.

Yes, we need to criticize but only when we are being responsible. Continually blaming the system is a convenient way of shirking our responsibility. No wonder the major concern today is democracy backsliding, as highlighted in the Harvard research paper – How democracies are now ‘backsliding’ in countries from Russia to the United States.

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